Xserv provides a complete solution to implement the backend of all your applications such as web, mobile, desktop, embedded or otherwise.

Main Features

These are some of main Xserv's features. Explore the potential...


Lets you interact with Xserv from anything that can send an HTTP request. There are many operations that you can do like the CRUD operations.

Pub/Sub Messaging

If you need a real-time communication you can use a flexible publish/subscribe model based on WebSocket. Several SDK including: Android, iOS, JavaScript.


Publish/Subscribe model providing you a presence list in every kind of topics and join/leave notifications of all client connections in only private topics.

Storage & History

Storage of the messages for any length of time and history to retrieve messages across a time period range and/or with a query condition MongoDB style.

Mobile notifications

Cross-platform push notification delivery to one or group of devices. So, a client can receive message even when an mobile app is offline.


Charts & stats of all messages exchanged and clients activity grouped by os, model, region, language, etc.


A mechanism for managing and controlling access to private topics through your own HTTP API or authentication services offered by us.

WebRTC Service

Our topics are integrated with WebRTC video/audio. Supported Browsers & Platforms: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Android, iOS.

> curl -X POST \ -H "X-Xserv-AppId: NS52y-1" \ -H "X-Xserv-Secret: Zr9TvVettB1rgdSe9aUX" \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ -d '{"topic": "site", "data": "hello world"}' \ https://mobile-italia.com:8332/1/publish

Are You Ready To Enjoy?

A little demonstration of mix-in of our REST API + Real-Time Messaging (WebSocket).

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Here are just a few examples of possible uses of Xserv. The potential is limitless!

Instant Messaging

You can implement a chat or video/audio chat on browser with WebRTC.

App / Game

You can implement the backend for your applications such as web, mobile, desktop, embedded or otherwise.


You can share client locations on real-time to track a device or an embedded.

Home Automation

You can user Xserv through embedded or desktop for your home automatization.

Xserv sign up is FREE. If you want to improve or extend your subscription please visit the pricing section.

Meet the Team

We are a small team with great skills. See the faces behind the lines of code.

Giovanni Amati

Developer & Founder

Giuseppe Nugara

Developer & Founder

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